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Live Event Services

Your event will reach its highest impact with our expertise in audio-visual technology.

Engage Your Audience

Capture your audience with our advanced audio-visual technologies, live streaming, high-definition recording and a variety of other enhanced services for any-sized meeting, event or conference - in-person, virtual or a hybrid.

Our Live Event Services:

  • Customized audio-visual solutions for every setting

  • High-definition live streaming

  • Hosting, managing and monitoring virtual events and webinars
  • Mobile app management

  • Recording services ranging from audio-only to multi-camera video with integrated presentation

  • Event Wi-Fi & internet services

  • Co-branding monetization opportunities such as Wi-Fi landing pages, digital signage, and mobile app banner ads

  • Provision and management of an Audience Response System (ARS) that can include real-time integration with live-streamed audience

  • Highly-trained event elevation specialists on-site at all times

  • On-site client services representative