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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for In-person and Virtual Events

I already have in-house A/V at my conference venue. What additional value does Digital Motion bring to my event?

Most in-house AV solutions offer a “plug and play” format that does not help you to maximize the potential of your event. Digital Motion helps you elevate your event by working with you to manage every aspect of your audio and visual needs so that you benefit from the highest level of technologies and customer service available. We are able to bring this advanced level of technology and service to any-sized meeting or event because of our ability to solve problems and tailor solutions quickly and efficiently, all within your budget. This is something larger audio/visual providers are simply unable to do.

I have a contract with my convention center or hotel, but would really like to engage Digital Motion. Is this possible?

Usually, the venue wants all parts of your business and are quick to add A/V services to your contract as a part of that. However, you CAN amend contracts and attain quotes from other A/V providers. Digital Motion is able to bring in event planners and can often help negotiate the contract with your venue to assist you in accessing a higher level of audio-visual service than in-house A/V outfits will provide. Call us to discuss your current needs and we will outline the services we offer and the savings you will enjoy.

Why should I hire Digital Motion to run my online event?

Simply put, choosing to hire a professional audio-visual provider to create and manage your online event is a good business decision. Not only are you able to delegate this job and spend your time on what you do best for your business, but you are also upgrading the level of your online event from mediocre to outstanding. At Digital Motion, we take the time to get to know you and your individual needs and develop customized packages that fit your online event and budget. You will save time and the stress of managing all the details of an online event and enjoy the excellent level of quality and service that Digital Motion brings to your virtual event.

What difference will I see in my online live event if I bring on Digital Motion?

In the pandemic environment we are currently operating in, we have all attended many awkward, unproductive webinars and online meetings. When you bring on Digital Motion to create and manage your online live event, your attendees will stay engaged with an efficient, professionally run virtual experience. With our new innovative technology “The Presenter by Digital Motion” your PowerPoint Presentations are managed and delivered centrally but controlled remotely, which eliminates awkward lags and allows for seamless transitions of multiple presenters and presentations. Plus, we provide technical support for your presenters and attendees for the duration of the event along with webinar playbooks based on best practices.

My in-person live event has been cancelled. Why should I consider transitioning to an online event?

With the current obstacle of not being able to hold in-person gatherings, businesses must pivot to survive now and into the future. Instead of staying in a holding pattern, learning how to transition your event to a virtual one can help your business stay on track to meet your goals, and keep you engaged and interactive with your audience. Digital Motion offers creative live-stream event solutions for every type of meeting and budget. We can help you get your event online quickly so you can stay relevant in today’s business climate.

How does Digital Motion’s pricing work?

It is our passion to bring high level quality audio visual services to events of any size and budget. We therefore begin with a free, comprehensive, consultation with a Digital Motion Event Specialist. Once we understand your online events needs and what success means to you, we get to work putting together a customized proposal tailored to meet those needs and your budget. Finally, we talk through the proposal with you; highlighting what options are available, taking feedback, and partnering with you to find the perfect fit.

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